You've told us there's nothing quite like crushing your ghost and chasing the dragon on your Expresso bike, and we've heard you also like to mix it up and recover with some yoga, cross-train with a boot camp class, or crush a core workout.

We've partnered with Studio SWEAT for years to bring you instructor-led classes on your bike, and we've officially expanded our partnership beyond the bike! Expresso home bike owners now have unlimited access to Yoga, Core, Strength, Kid-friendly classes, and more all through the Studio SWEAT onDemand app as part of your Expresso Membership!

So how do you get the app? It's simple!

  1. Sign in to the expresso website with your rider ID and password.

  2. Once you're signed in, select your name from the menu then pick Apps.

  3. Under the Studio SWEAT app click "Get the App." You'll be guided through the registration and setup process on the Studio SWEAT website.

Who is eligible to get the Studio SWEAT onDemand app?

Before downloading, please make sure that you are eligible to get the app. You must have an Expresso bike in your home and an active All-Access or Legacy Membership to qualify. To check your membership status or renew please email

If you qualify, but still can't download the app, it may mean that your bike registration information does not match your rider info. Please fill out this form to verify your bike registration info.

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